Early ’90s Indie Music

Steve Thompson, ex-doppelgangers now solo artist, takes us through some of his favourite indie music from Sydney in the early ’90s.

Hummingbirds – Alimony
Doppelgangers – Speak to Me
Porcelain Bus – Talking to God
Crash Politics – Bitter Rain
The Honeys – Against the Elements
Tall Tales and True – You Got Your Troubles
Falling Joys – Nearly a Sin
Bughouse – Hell For Leather
Falling Joys – You’re In A Mess
Died Pretty – Out In The Rain
Clouds – Bower of Bliss
Doppelgangers – Sweet Smell of Success
Max Sharam – Coma
Cruel Sea – It’s Alright (‘Cause She Loves Me)
Whitlams – I Make Hamburgers
Max Sharam – Lay Down
Steve Thompson – This Town
Died Pretty – D.C.

One Response to “Early ’90s Indie Music”

  1. Noddy Says:

    Great show tonight, certainly brought back some fond memories of this fine period of music. Have most of the tracks in my own collection too! The extra info that your guest was able to bring to the conversation was fascinating too. Well done!

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