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Tuesday, November 30th, 2004

With Peter Oxley and Tim Pittman

Sunnyboys – The Seeker
Sunnyboys – Guts of Iron
Sunnyboys – Stop and Think
Sunnyboys – I’m Shakin’
Shy Imposters – At The Barrier
Sunnyboys – Happy Man
Sunnyboys – I Don’t Want You
Sunnyboys – Tunnel Of Love
Sunnyboys – My Only Friend
Sunnyboys – Tell Me What You Say
Sunnyboys – No Love Around
Sunnyboys – You Need A Friend
Sunnyboys – This Is Real
Sunnyboys – Show Me Some Discipline
Sunnyboys – Love In A Box
Sunnyboys – Comes As No Surprise
Sunnyboys – Bottom Of My Heart
Sunnyboys – Birthday
Sunnyboys – Trouble In My Brain

Andy Kell

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004

Astro Tabasco – The Streets of San Souci
The Benders – Mean Scene
Allniters – She Made A Monkey Out Of Me
Itchy Feet – Cliff Young Shuffle
Penguins on Safari – The Fountain
Hummingbirds – Everything You Said
Jump Back Jack – Squeezy Rubber Toys
Clouds – Cinnamon
Jimmy Little – Under The Milky Way
The Whitlams – If I Only Had A Brain
The Whitlams – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
Joy and Lara – Grace
Laughing Clowns – Everything That Flys (Is Not A Bird)
Peabody – The Greatest Compilation of All Time
Magic Lunchbox – I Can See
Self Righteous Brothers – Daddy Drinks Because You Cry
The Bryan Ferry Sexual Experience – Bleeding Heart
Astro Tabasco – Crack Squad

5000 Fingers of Dr T

Tuesday, November 16th, 2004

Adam and Jasper from 5000 Fingers of Dr T join me in the studio.

5000 Fingers of Dr T – Still Of Night
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Tip Top Electronics
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Synthetic Groove
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Mr Love Bass (remixed by Jasper)
5000 Fingers of Dr T – I Can See Uranus
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Circle Square
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Analogue Heaven
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Computer Games (cover of Mi-Sex)
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Live from the Big Day Out
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Mmmmmmmm, Ahhh
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Space is Spacious
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Open Beat Surgery
5000 Fingers of Dr T – BBQ Crickets
FourPlay – August (5000 Fingers of Dr T Setting Free mix)
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Funk Police

Phil Tripp

Tuesday, November 9th, 2004

Industry man Phil Tripp comes in to talk about, well, the industry. We gave him a little help with selecting the tunes.Ratcat – That Ain’t Bad
Love Positions – Don’t Slow Down
The Cruel Sea – Better Get A Lawyer
Severed Heads – Big Car Intro/Big Car
D.I.G. – Aqua Temporal
The Whitlams – Met My Match
Secret Society – Visions of a Promised Land
Midnight Oil – Truganini (Long Road Train Mix)
Falling Joys – Amen (Covenant remix)
The Church – Ritz
Clouds – Renee’s Problems
The Lab – A Thousand Miles
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Blue Steel
Sunnyboys – Alone With You
The Herd – LG

Early ’90s Indie Music

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004

Steve Thompson, ex-doppelgangers now solo artist, takes us through some of his favourite indie music from Sydney in the early ’90s.

Hummingbirds – Alimony
Doppelgangers – Speak to Me
Porcelain Bus – Talking to God
Crash Politics – Bitter Rain
The Honeys – Against the Elements
Tall Tales and True – You Got Your Troubles
Falling Joys – Nearly a Sin
Bughouse – Hell For Leather
Falling Joys – You’re In A Mess
Died Pretty – Out In The Rain
Clouds – Bower of Bliss
Doppelgangers – Sweet Smell of Success
Max Sharam – Coma
Cruel Sea – It’s Alright (‘Cause She Loves Me)
Whitlams – I Make Hamburgers
Max Sharam – Lay Down
Steve Thompson – This Town
Died Pretty – D.C.

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