Jordan Verzar guest programs

Jordan Verzar is the man behind Top Shelf, a booker, a manager and all-round Sydney music lover. Tonight he’ll play some of his favourite artists from Sydney’s past.

Fucious – Wooden Bones
Freudian Trip – Sick and Tired
Good Buddha – Exploitology
Good Buddha – Party Pressure
Vicious Hairy Mary – Get Smart
Darth Vegas – The Claw
Coda – Smoking Camel on a Camel
The Bird – Enter the Bird
FourPlay (Clue to Kalo remix) – Trust
The Hive – The One and the Prime
Prop (remixed by Decoder Ring) – Pilot Error (Camp David remix)
FourPlay – Languid, Yet…
The Bird – Prelude
Dha – Circle of Rhythm
Jeff Lang – (unreleased track)
Jeff Lang – (unreleased track)
Stiff Gins – Spinning
Freudian Trip – Tempest Fugit

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