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Candle Records

Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

Chris Crouch drops into the FBi studio to talk about all things associated with this quirky indie label that he started. It releases the music of Darren Hanlon, Jodi Phillis, Golden Rough, Tim Oxley and many other Australia artists. He might even ask a few questions from a board game he designed and recently released. How’s that for multi-talented?

Simpletons – Nice
Lucksmiths – Camera Shy
The Simpletons – Solitaire
The Mabels – Siren
Dearhunters – Far From The Grace
Darren Hanlon – Fun Park Fugitives
Golden Rough – April Wind
Tim Oxley – House Husband
Jodi Phillis – Come Over Sunday
Jodi Phillis – In Dreams I Live
Stella One Eleven – Three Nights and Three Days
Darren Hanlon – Record Store
Golden Rough – Northern State of Mind
Tim Oxley/Isnod – Weeping in Love
Lucksmiths – T-Shirt Weather
Anthony Atkinson – Where You Were Tonight
Jodi Phillis – Portobello Rd
Dearhunters – Candle

Celibate Rifles

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

Join Nick Boyakovsky as he chats with Damien Lovelock from the Celibate Rifles.


Radio Birdman – Burn My Eye
Celibate Rifles – Let’s Get Married
Celibate Rifles – Tick Tock
Celibate Rifles – Pretty Pictures
The New Christs – Born Out Of Time
Celibate Rifles – Wild Desire
Celibate Rifles – Sometimes
Celibate Rifles – The More Things Change
Celibate Rifles – Johnny
Damien Lovelock – Harpers Bazaar
Celibate Rifles – Groovin’ In The Land Of Love
Celibate Rifles – This Gift
Crent – AIDS
Celibate Rifles – Kathy Says
Yage – Young Man
Celibate Rifles – (We All Moved To) Buttland

Jordan Verzar guest programs

Tuesday, October 12th, 2004

Jordan Verzar is the man behind Top Shelf, a booker, a manager and all-round Sydney music lover. Tonight he’ll play some of his favourite artists from Sydney’s past.

Fucious – Wooden Bones
Freudian Trip – Sick and Tired
Good Buddha – Exploitology
Good Buddha – Party Pressure
Vicious Hairy Mary – Get Smart
Darth Vegas – The Claw
Coda – Smoking Camel on a Camel
The Bird – Enter the Bird
FourPlay (Clue to Kalo remix) – Trust
The Hive – The One and the Prime
Prop (remixed by Decoder Ring) – Pilot Error (Camp David remix)
FourPlay – Languid, Yet…
The Bird – Prelude
Dha – Circle of Rhythm
Jeff Lang – (unreleased track)
Jeff Lang – (unreleased track)
Stiff Gins – Spinning
Freudian Trip – Tempest Fugit


Tuesday, October 5th, 2004


Clouds – Sweetest Thing
Hummingbirds – If A Vow
Ratcat – Don’t Go Now
The Lab – Heaven
Severed Heads – Finder
Hoodoo Gurus – 1000 Miles Away
Melanie Oxley and Chris Abrahams – Benchtop
Beasts of Bourban – There’s A Virus Goin’ Round
Falling Joys – Puppy Drink
Splinter – Strange Parade
Even As We Speak – Best Kept Secret
Tall Tales and True – Lifeboat
Clouds – Show Me
The Welcome Mat – Stationary Blur
The Hummingbirds – Madison
Died Pretty – D.C.
The Cruel Sea – This Is Not The Way Home
The Cannanes – 1991
The Hard-Ons – Dull
Severed Heads – Golden Height/I’m Your Antidote
Ed Kuepper – The Way I Made You Feel
Louis Tillett – Long Walk Home
Glide – Fade
Tumbleweed – Stoned
Smudge – I Don’t Wanna Be Grant McLennan
Clouds – 4pm

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