Elefant Traks

Kenny and Tim came in to talk about the label that has given us The Herd, and so much more.

The Herd – Ray of Sun
$napsuit – Inflatable Safety Sausage
Areito – Saw Specialist 2
uBin – Doldol
Quark Kent – Little Drummer Girl
Explanetary – The Painter
FourPlay – August (Sulo’s Boom-Ka Shaker mix)
CAB – Rhodent
The Herd – Ones & Zeroes
The Herd – X-Continental
Bass Elefant – High Seas
Hermitude – Splendid Isolation
The Herd – LG (Long Grasses)
The Herd – The Plunderers
Urthboy – Long Walk Home

One Response to “Elefant Traks”

  1. scraggot Says:

    Thanks for that show! It’s hard trying to trace back the history of the group and all the people the boys have been involved with. Much more easier hearing them just explain it all. Feel much more informed now.

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