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Jackie Orszaczky

Tuesday, September 28th, 2004


The Grandmasters – Ain’t Your Mutha
Syrius -Devil’s Masquerade
The Gray Suits – Autumn Leaves
The Grandmasters – Smile Machine
Syrius – Observations of an Honest Man
Jackie Orszaczky – Beramiada
Bland Frenzy – Pump it Up
Hungarian Rapsadists – Diesel Mind
Orszaczky Budget Orchestra – Taken to the Cleaners
Bland Frenzy – Lone Leigh
Industrial Accident – Urban Myth
Jackie Orszaczky/Tatrai – Sure Thing
Orszaczky Budget Orchestera – Living For The City
Jackie Orszaczky/Tina Harrod – Shacked Up In Paradise
Godmothers – Groovin’
Jump Back Jack – Brave Man


Tuesday, September 21st, 2004

From the late 70s through to the mid-80s in rehearsal rooms, alternative venues and art galleries around Sydney, musicians were exploring the possibilities of what underground music could be, forging links between art, philosophy, electronics and noise. Nick Boyakovsky is joined by Phil Turnbull, band member and archivist from No Night Sweats, as well as members of The Slugfuckers, Goat That Went Om, Wild West and Systematics, to talk Sydney post-punk.


Pere Ubu – The Modern Dance
The Pop Group – We Are All Prostitutes
The Thought Criminals – I Won’t Pay
Tactics – National Health
Voigt/465 – Imprint
The Slugfuckers – Mechanical Boy
The Slugfuckers – Rhizome
Goat That Went Om – The Pirate Song
The Tame O’Mearas – Sweat And Babble
Via Veneto – Empty
Wild West – Calling The House
Pel Mel – Ipanema Mon Amour
The Limp – Pony Club
Sekret Sekret – Charity
Seems Twice – The Non Plussed EP
SoliPsiK – See Saw
No Night Sweats – Mucky Wishes
Mr Knott – Talking To A Sleeping Man
Ya Ya Choral – Waiting Time
Scapa Flow – The End

Cameron Webb, Steady Cam Records

Tuesday, September 14th, 2004

Dr Cameron Webb comes in to talk about his label and his bands, and how he juggles all that with Medical Entomology.


twelve24 – Jenny
Show Pony – Bones
Darren Hanlon – Video Store
twelve24 – Number One Fan
Puplene – Rinse and Stack
The Cannanes – Tennyson
Dearhunters – Ivy
Golden Rough – Bells of Sunday
C Minus Project – 747
The Rebel Astronauts – Magnetic
Seaworthy – Norwegian Summer Skies
Castings – Electro Disco Weirdo
Darren Hanlon- Video Party Sleepover
Soap Star Joe – Carlo’s Way
Soap Star Joe – Christmas in Kilarney
Smudge – I Don’t Wanna Be Grant McLennan
The Kombi Nation – There’s Nobody Coming Over
Seaworthy – Lost Highway
Sonic Emotion Explosion – Stuck

Elefant Traks

Tuesday, September 7th, 2004

Kenny and Tim came in to talk about the label that has given us The Herd, and so much more.

The Herd – Ray of Sun
$napsuit – Inflatable Safety Sausage
Areito – Saw Specialist 2
uBin – Doldol
Quark Kent – Little Drummer Girl
Explanetary – The Painter
FourPlay – August (Sulo’s Boom-Ka Shaker mix)
CAB – Rhodent
The Herd – Ones & Zeroes
The Herd – X-Continental
Bass Elefant – High Seas
Hermitude – Splendid Isolation
The Herd – LG (Long Grasses)
The Herd – The Plunderers
Urthboy – Long Walk Home

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