Ice Skating Girl – Rekindle
Energy – Raises By Wolves
Someone Somewhere – Raised By Wolves
Odessa X – Raise By Wolves
Friends (Raised By Wolves remix) – Pash
Sunlight – Raised By Wolves
Gentle Hunting – Rekindle
The World Isn’t Lonely – Rekindle
Heartbroken – Rekindle
What A Year (Rekindle remix) – Alex Lloyd
Modern Love – Rekindle
Tonight Might Never End – Rekindle

4 Responses to “Rekindle”

  1. isby Says:

    I heard this session and I have to say…..why is this guy not picked up by more radio stations……? His stuff is great.

  2. Erika Says:

    i agree with ISBY, Rekindle’s work IS great. Pass the word along, it would be great to hear this guy on the radio.

  3. lulu Says:

    i’m with you. rekindle has achieved more recognition OS than in sydney i think – he’s got fans all over europe, including here in sweden!

  4. monique Says:

    I think his track on the output compilation is the best by far….when will there be more new stuff? Is he touring I wonder? I am in Dublin and would love to see him.
    Monique Cathery

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