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Happy birthday retrospective retrospective

Tuesday, August 31st, 2004

Gee, can you believe we’ve been on air for a year? Over the past twelve months we’ve collected some damn great stories of Sydney’s music history – so this week we’re gonna share some of the best ones with you! Tune in to hear the likes of Ben Lee, Nic Dalton (Half A Cow records), Tom Ellard (Severed Heads), Morganics and the boys from Ivy League Records (City Lights, Youth Group). Hey – and why not sign up to be an FBi supporter while you listen?

Current SydRetro ideas

Monday, August 30th, 2004

Come join the discussion! Post a comment if you have a suggestion.

Track 3

Tuesday, August 17th, 2004

It’s a band! It’s a venue! No, it’s the third track from your favourite Sydney release of the past. What makes a good third track? We know the first track has to be a strong statement, and that the second needs to be a good follow up to show the diversity of the artist, but where do you go for track number 3?

Tracky Dax – Stevie Wonder Song
The Herd – Burn Down the Parliament
Welcome Mat – Hey! Illusion
Hoolahan – Favourite Team
Youth Group – Appliance, Compliance
Disjunction Reunion – Chunk1
Ubin – Supastar
Dearhunters – All Over Now
You Am I – Cathy’s Clown
Prop – Mount Zero
Gersey – Dawes Rd Pincollay


Tuesday, August 10th, 2004

Ice Skating Girl – Rekindle
Energy – Raises By Wolves
Someone Somewhere – Raised By Wolves
Odessa X – Raise By Wolves
Friends (Raised By Wolves remix) – Pash
Sunlight – Raised By Wolves
Gentle Hunting – Rekindle
The World Isn’t Lonely – Rekindle
Heartbroken – Rekindle
What A Year (Rekindle remix) – Alex Lloyd
Modern Love – Rekindle
Tonight Might Never End – Rekindle

Drum Media

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004

Power and the Passion – Midnight Oil
Down Below – The Cruel Sea
I Am What I See – Single Gun Theory
Headaround – Died Pretty
Just Ace – Grinspoon
Ride On – Beasts of Bourbon
Purple Sneakers – You Am I
Play Me – The Welcome Mat
Black the Sun – Alex Lloyd
Show Me – Glide
Dark Side – Nitocris
’69 Monaro – The Monarchs
Wasting Time – Thirsty Merc

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