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Ben Lee

Tuesday, July 27th, 2004

Cigarettes Will Kill You – Ben Lee
Filthy – Noise Addict
Back In Your Life – Noise Addict
Away With The Pixies – Ben Lee
Brinsley – Noise Addict
Red Slurpee – Ben Lee
New Song – Ben Lee
How To Survive A Broken Heart – Ben Lee
Ship My Body Home – Ben Lee
Butterfly – Ben Lee
Something Borrowed Something Blue – Ben Lee
No Room To Bleed – Ben Lee
Dead or Anything – Dando, Lee, Peterson, Schwartzman
Just Pretend – The Bens
X Fire – The Bens
I Wish I Was Him – Kathleen Hanna
My Guitar – Ben Lee

Sir Robbo

Tuesday, July 20th, 2004

Sydney dub and reggae special with Sir Robbo (Tooth, Frigid club nights)

Sheriff Lindo – Grossly Overweight Dub
The Igniters – Rubber Dubby
The Igniters – More Flaming Dub
The Allnighters – My Yunioshi
V Spy V Spy – One Of A Kind
Sheriff Lindo – Eastern Bloc
Herman Jasper Situation – Fatty Fatty
Meta Bass’n'Breath – Meta Medicine
Ju Ju Space Jazz – Space Dub
Atone – Dublife
Tooth – Before & After Silence
Fourplay – Meshugganah (Sir Robbo Remix)
Ollo – Lunatickle Dub

Chris Townend

Tuesday, July 13th, 2004

Chris Townend is currently the guy behind Sydney recording space Big Jesus Burger studios. But his prior musical history is hugely diverse – from the experimental blues hard rock of Kiss My Poodles Donkey to duo project Crent (with Kent Steadmean of the Celibate Rifles) to the beautiful electronically edged Sun.


Tuesday, July 6th, 2004

Luke Collison became the mastro of mash-ups under the moniker Dsico – bringing together Missy Elliot and Joy Division! Before that he was one half of local electronic duo Cindii.

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