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Simon Day (RatCat, The Prostitutes)

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  1. Budgie Says:

    Ratcat is one of my most frequently played CD’s on a road trip and brings back memories of seeing my sister and brother leaving on their night out to see a gig.
    I unfortunately only got to see Racat play live once but was wondering if Simon Day still played around Sydney at all.
    (actually in search of a cool wedding band – imagine how excellent it would be having Racat play at the wedding!!) I reckon that idea would probally make Simon Day laugh but my siblings, the guests and I would absolutely love it.
    Regardless; – if you know where or if Simon Day or Racat members are involved in live music at all anymore please reply with some details.

  2. Cayte Says:

    Ah, I too long for the glory days of Ratcat. I was lucky enough to see them twice at the ripe old age of 15. From what I can gather on the internet, Simon Day is apparently running is own graphic art business, and was working as an Art Director for MTV. I haven’t found any info on recent tour dates.

  3. Kit Says:

    Simon’s still playing, currently in a band called The Substitutes, who were previously The Prostitutes, who were possibly previously called Simon Day & The Prostitutes, though that might have just been convenient billing by venue owners hoping for an audience.

    Ratcat never exactly stopped playing: though the new line-up of 1998 was something of a comeback at the time, they kept gigging intermittently through 2002 (though that’s definitely dried up now). Dunno about any of the other members, but Nic Dalton, who played bass and sang backing vocals in that latter-day line-up (making him Ratcat’s longest-serving bassist!) is still very involved in live music, with his band Sneeze and solo shows. He also recently augmented Smudge on guitar for their 2004 tour, adding another stamp to his game of Early ’90s Indie Bingo (have I been in Ratcat? Check! the Hummingbirds? Check! Lemonheads? Check! Smudge? Check! the Plunderers, Sneeze, Love Positions, Godstar, The Ben Lee Band…).

    Do you know about Simon’s short-lived band 51 Monday? They had one EP and played maybe a handful of gigs somewhere around 1999-2001.

  4. Viccy Says:

    The Substitutes are playing tonight, March 24 2005 at Club 77. I hope you can make it!

  5. Jamin Says:

    Just got back from seeing them, they were excellent :)

  6. Richard Says:


  7. Leonie Says:

    Hi was wondering if you can give me any info on when and where The Substitutes will be playing in the future, I live in Victoria and would love to come up for a gig but can’t seem to find any thing out, thanks Leonie

  8. Melissa Says:

    How funny… i think about that all of the time… Ratcat… where the hell are ya??? lol

  9. Melissa Says:

    How funny… i think about that all of the time… Ratcat… where the hell are ya??? lol
    Anyone know or have any info, email me PLEASE!!!

  10. Richard Says:

    Last sighting…
    come-together-luna-park-sunday 10 Jun 2006
    The Psychedelic Furs + Ratcat, Syd 24th and Mel 27th Jun 2006.

    Some interesting links


  11. Hazel Says:

    Do you know if the substitutes are still around and where would we find them, does Simon Day still sing with them. I really would love to see Simon Day sing again.

  12. Marc Says:


    I saw Simon last night at my CD launch


  13. Simon Hadfield Says:

    Any update on Ratcat and gigs? Is Simon undertaking any other bands currently?

  14. craig Says:

    It would b great to see ratcat or an incarnation of them again. In the early 90′s I would have gone to at least 30 or so gigs of theirs (from the annandale to the landsdown to the bridge hotel to the kardoma cafe & more. bring back the heyday of of indie fuzz pop!!!

  15. Hazel Says:

    I still havent found out anything more about Simon Day. Is he still with the Substitutes. Where is he….. Hey if you like new Indie/pop rock stuff perhaps you can listen to my nieces band she is awesome, its called “A Bad Days Good Night” its on my space. They have some good little tracks you can listen to on their EP.
    But please tell me where Simon is and what he is doing. Thanks guys…. Merry Christmas to you all. And to you Simon wherever you are….

  16. Vic Says:

    It’s been a while, but here is a cool new Facebook page for Ratcat!

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