Sydney Songs Part 2!

Tommy Leonetti – My City Of Sydney
Tim Rogers and the Twinset -Under the Flight Path
Ben Lee – Ship My Body Home
Sarah McGregor – More to Life
Paul Kelly – Reckless
Jimmy Little – Randwick Bells
The Herd – States of Transit
Trey – Bridge to Bridge
Meta Bass ‘n’ Breath – Surry Hills
X – Oxford Street Nick
Died Pretty – Battle of Stanmore
David Benuick – North Shore Girls Get Off
Even As We Speak – Single to Central
Godstar – Theme from “Annandale 2038″
Sneeze – I Believe In Marrickville (part 1 & 2)
The Cannanes – Sydney 2000
Falling Joys – Calendar Blues
Don Meers – Train Noise
Hermitude – Otford to Wenty
The Whitlams – Sydney 2000 Olympic Theme
Golden Rough – Western Outskirts
Tactics – Centrepoint
Clouds – Cloud Factory
Prop – Statice

4 Responses to “Sydney Songs Part 2!”

  1. Uli Kintscher Says:


    I hope you can help me.

    I am looking for Tommy Leonettie`s “My City of Sydney”.
    Any way you could send me that song as a file or let me know where to get it from. This is for private use only.

  2. Tony Robbie Says:

    Hi Uli. How’d you go? I’m looking for it too – quite urgent.

    tonyt d

  3. George Says:

    I am looking for this song too. I have found the punk versions of it. Still downloading, so don’t know anything about the quality of them yet. Will advise if you send me your email address…

  4. GlobalGrassHopper Says:

    Please am looking for both Tommy’s and Xl Capris’s versions if you got them as file please can you email them!!!!

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