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Tuesday, May 25th, 2004

ANT FARM RECORDS released some fine compilations in the 90s featuring a bumper crop of then up-and-coming Sydney bands such as YOUTH GROUP, THE SCRUFFS, HALF MILER and STELLA ONE ELEVEN. Co-founder LAURA BAILEY joins Dan to talk about the label’s history.

Hammerfish – Chill Me
Lustre 4 – Soda Crash
The Stinsons – Nowhere Bound
Tim Rogers – Who Turned Out The Light?
Harpoon – Graves of Saints
The Plastic Maracas – Publican’s Friend
El Mopa – The Single
God Is My Co-Pilot – North Coast Holiday
2 Litre Dolby – All Hail! King Presser
Youth Group – Weekender
Hoolahan – Hefner’s Kids
Silver Powered Brain Unit – Feel My Groove
The Del-Emmas – Gonna Git That Man
John Reed Club – Seen Your Video
Brad Shepherd – Alex Chilton

Nick Wales (Coda)

Tuesday, May 18th, 2004

Coda – Born, Never Asked
Coda – Stevie
Nick Wales – Tripitaka Theme
Alter Boy – Wild Five
Coda – Dunula
Alter Boy – Revolution
Coda – Smoking Camel On A Camel
Jenny Morris – The Sculpter
Pokeaman – Lycra or Not
Coda – Salut
Coda – Holy City

Nic Dalton (Half a Cow)

Tuesday, May 11th, 2004

Godstar – Pushpin
Plunderers – Cheerleaders
Plunderers – Sarah’s Not Falling In Love
Love Positions – Into Your Arms
Sneeze – Shaky Ground
Sneeze – Deaf Girl, Dumb Guy, Blind Love
Smudge – Eighteen In A Week
Sidewinder – Stone In My Shoe
SPDFGH – Wikky’s Ode
Godstar – Live Here Forever
Godstar – Mr Austin
Sneeze – Chamber Music Pt 2
Godstar – Out of My Mind
Deezleteens – Star Sign
The Cashews – The Age Difference
Nick Dalton – Good to Me
Sneeze – Sagrada Familia

Sydney Songs Part 2!

Tuesday, May 4th, 2004

Tommy Leonetti – My City Of Sydney
Tim Rogers and the Twinset -Under the Flight Path
Ben Lee – Ship My Body Home
Sarah McGregor – More to Life
Paul Kelly – Reckless
Jimmy Little – Randwick Bells
The Herd – States of Transit
Trey – Bridge to Bridge
Meta Bass ‘n’ Breath – Surry Hills
X – Oxford Street Nick
Died Pretty – Battle of Stanmore
David Benuick – North Shore Girls Get Off
Even As We Speak – Single to Central
Godstar – Theme from “Annandale 2038″
Sneeze – I Believe In Marrickville (part 1 & 2)
The Cannanes – Sydney 2000
Falling Joys – Calendar Blues
Don Meers – Train Noise
Hermitude – Otford to Wenty
The Whitlams – Sydney 2000 Olympic Theme
Golden Rough – Western Outskirts
Tactics – Centrepoint
Clouds – Cloud Factory
Prop – Statice

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