Sandringham Hotel

Legendary Sydney venue on King St in Newtown. Tune in for music by Frenzal Rhomb, Bernie Hayes, Love Me and interviews with Susie Schlesinger who booked the venue, writer Linda Jaivin, and Mandy Pearson, lead singer of Love Me whose tap dancing came out of the closet for the beloved Sando.

Bernie Hayes – Mission in Life
Front End Loader – Mandino Deluxe
Mr Blonde – Sunday
Disneyfist – Elvia
Atticus – Open My Mouth
Louis Tillet and Charlie Owen – I’m Down
Crow – Paper Eyes
The Dirty Three – Some Summers They Drop Like Flies
Vesuvia – Spunk Rat
The Gadfly’s – Don’t Leave Me A Fool
Linda Jaivin – Reading from Rock ‘n’ Roll Babes from Outer Space
P Harness – Belconnen Mall
Love Me – Buy Me A Drink
spdfgh – Salt To Pain
Lustre 4 – Shock So Crude
Shouties – Following My Our Tracks

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