Sydney Songs!

Two hours of songs that mention our favourite city. It might be a bus route, the Manly ferry, the local pub or a particular suburb. All genres welcome.

The Zimmerman – Don’t Go To Sydney
Dave McCormack – The Inner West
John Kennedy – Miracle in Marrickville
The Whitlams – You Sound Like Louis Burdett
Paul Kelly – Randwick Bells
Midnight Oil – Wedding Cake Island
Morganics – The Block
Good Bhudda – Sydney’s Got the System
Outline – The Cicada That Ate Fivedock
Died Pretty – Whitlam Square
David Lane – Church Point Avenue
You Am I – If We Can’t Get It Together
Youth Group – Booth St
Bluebottle Kiss – Generic Teen
The Herd – Locked Down In Lugarno
The Herd – Sutherland Pickup
The Skyhooks – Somewhere in Sydney
Soap Star Joe – Ziggy Niszcot (Never Played Guitar)
Damien Lovelock – On A Blue Phone From The Green Iguana
Carla Werner – Piccolo Song
Robert Forster – I’ve Been Looking For Somebody
Sidewinder – Slideshow Freak

One Response to “Sydney Songs!”

  1. Nick Says:

    Outline – The Cicada That Ate Fivedock
    We used to see Outline in Sydney.
    Lead singer played a wild electric trumpet..

    Band had a unique sound.
    The cicada song was a real hoot.

    Brings back fond pub memories.
    When every suburb had great pub venues with live music..
    Not like the piss ant trendy pubs now..

    Another unique band we’d see was the Reels..

    Remember one song they had about cancer.. We were at a Cronulla pub and a dwarf guy was in audience and they dedicated the show to him through that song.. Got him up on stage ..

    The Sports / Drago/ = great shows too

    Gets me all misty eyed thinkin’ about the times.
    Nick Tasmania ..

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