Club Kooky

Club Kooky with Johnny and Gemma

4 Responses to “Club Kooky”

  1. ainslie Says:

    hey gemma. i am the girl who used to work at phoenix rising when you were studying herbal medicine. i have been overseas for 4 years but thought i would say hi. glad the club is on and going good. did you ever finish your course?

  2. ged Says:

    heres the link for the KOOKY website

  3. ged Says:

  4. John Doherty Says:

    Great music at Handlebar last night boss. I don’t have your number after all so I hope you get this. Look up my boy Mike’s music- Cane 141. The best electric experimental from The Irish Kingdom. Hope to make it to Kooky next Saturday. X John.

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