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Tuesday, 18th of January, 2005

Retro Retro

With the Sydney Retrospective nearing its end, at least in this format, here’s a retrospective just based around lots of great Sydney music!

Tommy Leonetti – My City Of Sydney
XL Capris – My City Of Sydney
The Missing Links – Some Kind Of Fun
The Showmen – Too Much Monkey Business
Vince Maloney Sect – No Good Without You
X – Suck Suck
The Plunderers – Christo
John Reed Club – Head In Stereo
The Hummingbirds – Hollow Inside
78 Saab – Smile
Died Pretty – Everybody Moves
Mr Blonde – Supergirl
Half Miler – Another Relationship Fatality
Drop City – I Don’t Want To Feel This Way
Knievel – Let It Go
Asteroid B6-12 – Teen Sublimation Riff
New Christs – We Got This
Lime Spiders – 25th Hour
The Hard Ons – Small Talk
Sneeze – Maybe Moving In Together Wasn’t Such A Good Idea
Kim Salmon & The Surrealists – Redemption For Sale
Celibate Rifles – I Will Dare
The Pyrimidiacs – Tuesdays Girl
Smudge – Don’t Wanna Be Grant McLennan
Clouds – Hieronymus
Tumbleweed – TV Genocide
2 Litre Dolby – All Hail King Presser
Sidewinder – Anything You Want
The Someloves – Don’t Talk About Us
The Sunnyboys – Love To Rule
Hoolahan – Hefner’s Kids
Sacred Cowboys – Hell Sucks
The Hitmen – Didn’t Tell The Man
Godstar – Table For One
Radio Birdman – New Race

Tuesday, 11th of January, 2005


Tim & Peter Hollo from FourPlay, Sydney’s electric string quartet, come in to talk about their almost-ten-year history, their albums and the multitude of other bands they’ve played with and recorded sessions for.

FourPlay – The Boy From Ipanema (cover of Antonio Carlos Jobim)
Kronos Quartet – Purple Haze (cover of Jimi Hendrix)
FourPlay – Enter Sandman (cover of Metallica)
FourPlay – Languid, Yet…
The Strange – Float
The Whitlams – Melbourne
FourPlay – Love Cats (live @ the Sydney Opera House, 1999) (cover of the Cure)
FourPlay – In Space (remix by Alter Boy aka Nick Wales from Coda)
Steve Griffiths – Ice Princess
FourPlay – Breakfast in America (cover of Supertramp)
Jodi Phillis – Come Ovr Sunday
FourPlay – You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed (cover of Paul Kelly)
FourPlay – Trust (Raven’s “one wrong 2step” remix)
Tooth – Next Stage Capricorn
X – Where Did I Go Wrong? (live @ the Basement with FourPlay)
Peccadillo – Dwell
FourPlay – Sabotage (cover of the Beastie Boys)

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Tuesday, 4th of January, 2005

The Hummingbirds

The Hummingbirds – Alimony
The Hummingbirds – Three In The Morning
The Hummingbirds – Hindsight
The Hummingbirds – Everything You Said
The Hummingbirds – Drag Over The Coals
The Hummingbirds – Tuesday
The Hummingbirds – Barbarian
The Hummingbirds – Blush
The Hummingbirds – Sister Goldenhair
The Hummingbirds – If You Leave
The Hummingbirds – If A Vow
The Hummingbirds – Defiant
The Hummingbirds – Medicine
The Hummingbirds – Two Weeks With A Good Man In Niagra Falls
The Hummingbirds – You Just Gotta Know My Mind
The Hummingbirds – Gone
The Hummingbirds – Hidden track from Tail EP.
The Hummingbirds – Sick On Self Pity
Her Name In Lights – Headstrong
Fragile – The Icy Blast of Truth Revealed

Tuesday, 28th of December, 2004

Jay Katz

Jaimie Leonarder AKA Jay Katz, the man behind the Sounds of Seduction
niteclub, the Mu Meson film archive, co-host of the SBS Movie Show and
general all round nice guy legend of the Sydney experimental underground was
Nick Boyakovsky’s guest for this show.

Jaimie talked through his experiences with the early industrial, electronic,
post-punk and outsider music in Sydney from the late 70′s onward. There was
an emphasis on the work of two bands, SPK, initially a collaboration between
psychiatric nurse Graeme Revell and psychiatric patient Neil Hill, and
Jaimie’s own band, the legendary Mu Mesons.


SPK – Slogan
SPK – Untitled track from the first SPK Album, Information Overload Unit
HIROSHIMA CHAIR – Kick from the album ‘Reset’, released on Tom Ellard
(Severed Heads) label, Dog Food Record
CULTURECIDE – Feed The World
SPK – Untitled tracks from the SPK album Lechenshrei
THE MU MESONS – Orgastic Potency (Live at AFTRS, 1995)
THE MU MESONS – B-side of the Mu Meson’s split 7″ with Pleghm on Dr Jim
THE MU MESONS – The Barbulla (Live at AFTRS, 1995)
THUG – Dickhead
SPK – Metal Dance

Tuesday, 21st of December, 2004

Frenzal Rhomb

Frenzal Rhomb – Russell Crowe’s Band
Frenzal Rhomb – Phil
Frenzal Rhomb – Roger
Frenzal Rhomb – Get Off
Frenzal Rhomb – Cones
Frenzal Rhomb – Punch In The Face
Frenzal Rhomb – Bag O’ Bux
Frenzal Rhomb – Dr Lindeman’s Family Adventure Theme Park World
Frenzal Rhomb – Guns Don’t Kill Ducklings (Ducklings Kill Ducklings)
Frenzal Rhomb – We Built This City
Frenzal Rhomb – US Anus
Frenzal Rhomb – White World
Frenzal Rhomb – I Went Out With A Hippy
Frenzal Rhomb – Fuck The System
Nancy Vandal – (We Are) Disgruntled
Frenzal Rhomb – Dunkeld
Frenzal Rhomb – My Dad’s A Newsreader
Frenzal Rhomb – Lead Poisoned Jean
Frenzal Rhomb – Tapeworms and Grass In A Piss Based Sauce
Frenzal Rhomb – Sodom The CLown
Frenzal Rhomb – You Are A Knob
Frenzal Rhomb – Looking Good
Frenzal Rhomb – Secret Track
Frenzal Rhomb – Ball Chef
Frenzal Rhomb – My City Of Sydney
Frenzal Rhomb – Gambling, Vomit, Sleeping IN The Bin
Frenzal Rhomb – Genius
Self Righteous Brothers – The Only Gay Soldier Left In Iraq

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Tuesday, 14th of December, 2004

Peter Fenton


Crow – Charlie Horses
Crow – Confection
Crow – Ravine
Crow – Your Motive
Crow – Railhead
Crow – The Old Blue Rock Pile
Crow – March Hare
Crow – Helicon Days
Crow – Opal
Crow – Privilige
Crow – Paper Eyes
Crow – Angel Lily
Crow – Little Scars
Crow – Rabbits
Crow – Broken Machine
Peter Fenton – In The Lovers Arms

Tuesday, 7th of December, 2004

Tracey Kemp

Tracey Kemp was our guest this week and in a departure from standard Sydney Retrospective style, talked us through some of the bands and venues that drove the Sydney indie scene in the mid to late 90’s. Nights at The Sandringham, Feedback, The Landsdowne and the Globe and the bands on the bill were all recalled.


Front End Loader – Fraid Not
Front End Loader – All Star Jam
You Am I – Coprolalia
You Am I – Ain’t Gone And Open
Spurs For Jesus – This Ain’t No Place For A Lady
Magic Lunchbox – Mother’s Favourite Son
Midget – Breeding Ground
Midget – The Dentist
Lawnsmell – Cleveland
Lawnsmell – My Mate
Lawnsmell – Melts Away
Tweezer – Ex Dis
Starboard – Flygirl Golden
Mean – Good Morning Mr Fresh Vegetable
Stitchface – Spice Troopers Of Death
Stitchface – S.E.A.N.
Daredevil – All Fucked Up
Kaktus Mantrus – Angel
Downtime – Downtime
Hard Ons – Crazy Crazy Eyes
Sidewinder – Evil Eye
The Impossibles – More Of The Same
Sea Life Park – Acrachart
Whopping Big Naughty – Up Here Fa’Drinkin
You Am I – Please Don’t Ask Me To Smile
Front End Loader – That’s All

Tuesday, 30th of November, 2004


With Peter Oxley and Tim Pittman

Sunnyboys – The Seeker
Sunnyboys – Guts of Iron
Sunnyboys – Stop and Think
Sunnyboys – I’m Shakin’
Shy Imposters – At The Barrier
Sunnyboys – Happy Man
Sunnyboys – I Don’t Want You
Sunnyboys – Tunnel Of Love
Sunnyboys – My Only Friend
Sunnyboys – Tell Me What You Say
Sunnyboys – No Love Around
Sunnyboys – You Need A Friend
Sunnyboys – This Is Real
Sunnyboys – Show Me Some Discipline
Sunnyboys – Love In A Box
Sunnyboys – Comes As No Surprise
Sunnyboys – Bottom Of My Heart
Sunnyboys – Birthday
Sunnyboys – Trouble In My Brain

Tuesday, 23rd of November, 2004

Andy Kell

Astro Tabasco – The Streets of San Souci
The Benders – Mean Scene
Allniters – She Made A Monkey Out Of Me
Itchy Feet – Cliff Young Shuffle
Penguins on Safari – The Fountain
Hummingbirds – Everything You Said
Jump Back Jack – Squeezy Rubber Toys
Clouds – Cinnamon
Jimmy Little – Under The Milky Way
The Whitlams – If I Only Had A Brain
The Whitlams – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
Joy and Lara – Grace
Laughing Clowns – Everything That Flys (Is Not A Bird)
Peabody – The Greatest Compilation of All Time
Magic Lunchbox – I Can See
Self Righteous Brothers – Daddy Drinks Because You Cry
The Bryan Ferry Sexual Experience – Bleeding Heart
Astro Tabasco – Crack Squad

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Tuesday, 16th of November, 2004

5000 Fingers of Dr T

Adam and Jasper from 5000 Fingers of Dr T join me in the studio.

5000 Fingers of Dr T – Still Of Night
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Tip Top Electronics
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Synthetic Groove
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Mr Love Bass (remixed by Jasper)
5000 Fingers of Dr T – I Can See Uranus
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Circle Square
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Analogue Heaven
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Computer Games (cover of Mi-Sex)
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Live from the Big Day Out
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Mmmmmmmm, Ahhh
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Space is Spacious
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Open Beat Surgery
5000 Fingers of Dr T – BBQ Crickets
FourPlay – August (5000 Fingers of Dr T Setting Free mix)
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Funk Police

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Tuesday, 9th of November, 2004

Phil Tripp

Industry man Phil Tripp comes in to talk about, well, the industry. We gave him a little help with selecting the tunes.Ratcat – That Ain’t Bad
Love Positions – Don’t Slow Down
The Cruel Sea – Better Get A Lawyer
Severed Heads – Big Car Intro/Big Car
D.I.G. – Aqua Temporal
The Whitlams – Met My Match
Secret Society – Visions of a Promised Land
Midnight Oil – Truganini (Long Road Train Mix)
Falling Joys – Amen (Covenant remix)
The Church – Ritz
Clouds – Renee’s Problems
The Lab – A Thousand Miles
5000 Fingers of Dr T – Blue Steel
Sunnyboys – Alone With You
The Herd – LG

Tuesday, 2nd of November, 2004

Early ’90s Indie Music

Steve Thompson, ex-doppelgangers now solo artist, takes us through some of his favourite indie music from Sydney in the early ’90s.

Hummingbirds – Alimony
Doppelgangers – Speak to Me
Porcelain Bus – Talking to God
Crash Politics – Bitter Rain
The Honeys – Against the Elements
Tall Tales and True – You Got Your Troubles
Falling Joys – Nearly a Sin
Bughouse – Hell For Leather
Falling Joys – You’re In A Mess
Died Pretty – Out In The Rain
Clouds – Bower of Bliss
Doppelgangers – Sweet Smell of Success
Max Sharam – Coma
Cruel Sea – It’s Alright (‘Cause She Loves Me)
Whitlams – I Make Hamburgers
Max Sharam – Lay Down
Steve Thompson – This Town
Died Pretty – D.C.

Tuesday, 26th of October, 2004

Candle Records

Chris Crouch drops into the FBi studio to talk about all things associated with this quirky indie label that he started. It releases the music of Darren Hanlon, Jodi Phillis, Golden Rough, Tim Oxley and many other Australia artists. He might even ask a few questions from a board game he designed and recently released. How’s that for multi-talented?

Simpletons – Nice
Lucksmiths – Camera Shy
The Simpletons – Solitaire
The Mabels – Siren
Dearhunters – Far From The Grace
Darren Hanlon – Fun Park Fugitives
Golden Rough – April Wind
Tim Oxley – House Husband
Jodi Phillis – Come Over Sunday
Jodi Phillis – In Dreams I Live
Stella One Eleven – Three Nights and Three Days
Darren Hanlon – Record Store
Golden Rough – Northern State of Mind
Tim Oxley/Isnod – Weeping in Love
Lucksmiths – T-Shirt Weather
Anthony Atkinson – Where You Were Tonight
Jodi Phillis – Portobello Rd
Dearhunters – Candle

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Tuesday, 19th of October, 2004

Celibate Rifles

Join Nick Boyakovsky as he chats with Damien Lovelock from the Celibate Rifles.


Radio Birdman – Burn My Eye
Celibate Rifles – Let’s Get Married
Celibate Rifles – Tick Tock
Celibate Rifles – Pretty Pictures
The New Christs – Born Out Of Time
Celibate Rifles – Wild Desire
Celibate Rifles – Sometimes
Celibate Rifles – The More Things Change
Celibate Rifles – Johnny
Damien Lovelock – Harpers Bazaar
Celibate Rifles – Groovin’ In The Land Of Love
Celibate Rifles – This Gift
Crent – AIDS
Celibate Rifles – Kathy Says
Yage – Young Man
Celibate Rifles – (We All Moved To) Buttland

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Tuesday, 12th of October, 2004

Jordan Verzar guest programs

Jordan Verzar is the man behind Top Shelf, a booker, a manager and all-round Sydney music lover. Tonight he’ll play some of his favourite artists from Sydney’s past.

Fucious – Wooden Bones
Freudian Trip – Sick and Tired
Good Buddha – Exploitology
Good Buddha – Party Pressure
Vicious Hairy Mary – Get Smart
Darth Vegas – The Claw
Coda – Smoking Camel on a Camel
The Bird – Enter the Bird
FourPlay (Clue to Kalo remix) – Trust
The Hive – The One and the Prime
Prop (remixed by Decoder Ring) – Pilot Error (Camp David remix)
FourPlay – Languid, Yet…
The Bird – Prelude
Dha – Circle of Rhythm
Jeff Lang – (unreleased track)
Jeff Lang – (unreleased track)
Stiff Gins – Spinning
Freudian Trip – Tempest Fugit

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Tuesday, 5th of October, 2004



Clouds – Sweetest Thing
Hummingbirds – If A Vow
Ratcat – Don’t Go Now
The Lab – Heaven
Severed Heads – Finder
Hoodoo Gurus – 1000 Miles Away
Melanie Oxley and Chris Abrahams – Benchtop
Beasts of Bourban – There’s A Virus Goin’ Round
Falling Joys – Puppy Drink
Splinter – Strange Parade
Even As We Speak – Best Kept Secret
Tall Tales and True – Lifeboat
Clouds – Show Me
The Welcome Mat – Stationary Blur
The Hummingbirds – Madison
Died Pretty – D.C.
The Cruel Sea – This Is Not The Way Home
The Cannanes – 1991
The Hard-Ons – Dull
Severed Heads – Golden Height/I’m Your Antidote
Ed Kuepper – The Way I Made You Feel
Louis Tillett – Long Walk Home
Glide – Fade
Tumbleweed – Stoned
Smudge – I Don’t Wanna Be Grant McLennan
Clouds – 4pm

Tuesday, 28th of September, 2004

Jackie Orszaczky


The Grandmasters – Ain’t Your Mutha
Syrius -Devil’s Masquerade
The Gray Suits – Autumn Leaves
The Grandmasters – Smile Machine
Syrius – Observations of an Honest Man
Jackie Orszaczky – Beramiada
Bland Frenzy – Pump it Up
Hungarian Rapsadists – Diesel Mind
Orszaczky Budget Orchestra – Taken to the Cleaners
Bland Frenzy – Lone Leigh
Industrial Accident – Urban Myth
Jackie Orszaczky/Tatrai – Sure Thing
Orszaczky Budget Orchestera – Living For The City
Jackie Orszaczky/Tina Harrod – Shacked Up In Paradise
Godmothers – Groovin’
Jump Back Jack – Brave Man

Tuesday, 21st of September, 2004


From the late 70s through to the mid-80s in rehearsal rooms, alternative venues and art galleries around Sydney, musicians were exploring the possibilities of what underground music could be, forging links between art, philosophy, electronics and noise. Nick Boyakovsky is joined by Phil Turnbull, band member and archivist from No Night Sweats, as well as members of The Slugfuckers, Goat That Went Om, Wild West and Systematics, to talk Sydney post-punk.


Pere Ubu – The Modern Dance
The Pop Group – We Are All Prostitutes
The Thought Criminals – I Won’t Pay
Tactics – National Health
Voigt/465 – Imprint
The Slugfuckers – Mechanical Boy
The Slugfuckers – Rhizome
Goat That Went Om – The Pirate Song
The Tame O’Mearas – Sweat And Babble
Via Veneto – Empty
Wild West – Calling The House
Pel Mel – Ipanema Mon Amour
The Limp – Pony Club
Sekret Sekret – Charity
Seems Twice – The Non Plussed EP
SoliPsiK – See Saw
No Night Sweats – Mucky Wishes
Mr Knott – Talking To A Sleeping Man
Ya Ya Choral – Waiting Time
Scapa Flow – The End

Tuesday, 14th of September, 2004

Cameron Webb, Steady Cam Records

Dr Cameron Webb comes in to talk about his label and his bands, and how he juggles all that with Medical Entomology.


twelve24 – Jenny
Show Pony – Bones
Darren Hanlon – Video Store
twelve24 – Number One Fan
Puplene – Rinse and Stack
The Cannanes – Tennyson
Dearhunters – Ivy
Golden Rough – Bells of Sunday
C Minus Project – 747
The Rebel Astronauts – Magnetic
Seaworthy – Norwegian Summer Skies
Castings – Electro Disco Weirdo
Darren Hanlon- Video Party Sleepover
Soap Star Joe – Carlo’s Way
Soap Star Joe – Christmas in Kilarney
Smudge – I Don’t Wanna Be Grant McLennan
The Kombi Nation – There’s Nobody Coming Over
Seaworthy – Lost Highway
Sonic Emotion Explosion – Stuck

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Tuesday, 7th of September, 2004

Elefant Traks

Kenny and Tim came in to talk about the label that has given us The Herd, and so much more.

The Herd – Ray of Sun
$napsuit – Inflatable Safety Sausage
Areito – Saw Specialist 2
uBin – Doldol
Quark Kent – Little Drummer Girl
Explanetary – The Painter
FourPlay – August (Sulo’s Boom-Ka Shaker mix)
CAB – Rhodent
The Herd – Ones & Zeroes
The Herd – X-Continental
Bass Elefant – High Seas
Hermitude – Splendid Isolation
The Herd – LG (Long Grasses)
The Herd – The Plunderers
Urthboy – Long Walk Home

Tuesday, 31st of August, 2004

Happy birthday retrospective retrospective

Gee, can you believe we’ve been on air for a year? Over the past twelve months we’ve collected some damn great stories of Sydney’s music history – so this week we’re gonna share some of the best ones with you! Tune in to hear the likes of Ben Lee, Nic Dalton (Half A Cow records), Tom Ellard (Severed Heads), Morganics and the boys from Ivy League Records (City Lights, Youth Group). Hey – and why not sign up to be an FBi supporter while you listen?

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Tuesday, 17th of August, 2004

Track 3

It’s a band! It’s a venue! No, it’s the third track from your favourite Sydney release of the past. What makes a good third track? We know the first track has to be a strong statement, and that the second needs to be a good follow up to show the diversity of the artist, but where do you go for track number 3?

Tracky Dax – Stevie Wonder Song
The Herd – Burn Down the Parliament
Welcome Mat – Hey! Illusion
Hoolahan – Favourite Team
Youth Group – Appliance, Compliance
Disjunction Reunion – Chunk1
Ubin – Supastar
Dearhunters – All Over Now
You Am I – Cathy’s Clown
Prop – Mount Zero
Gersey – Dawes Rd Pincollay

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Tuesday, 10th of August, 2004


Ice Skating Girl – Rekindle
Energy – Raises By Wolves
Someone Somewhere – Raised By Wolves
Odessa X – Raise By Wolves
Friends (Raised By Wolves remix) – Pash
Sunlight – Raised By Wolves
Gentle Hunting – Rekindle
The World Isn’t Lonely – Rekindle
Heartbroken – Rekindle
What A Year (Rekindle remix) – Alex Lloyd
Modern Love – Rekindle
Tonight Might Never End – Rekindle

Tuesday, 3rd of August, 2004

Drum Media

Power and the Passion – Midnight Oil
Down Below – The Cruel Sea
I Am What I See – Single Gun Theory
Headaround – Died Pretty
Just Ace – Grinspoon
Ride On – Beasts of Bourbon
Purple Sneakers – You Am I
Play Me – The Welcome Mat
Black the Sun – Alex Lloyd
Show Me – Glide
Dark Side – Nitocris
’69 Monaro – The Monarchs
Wasting Time – Thirsty Merc

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Tuesday, 27th of July, 2004

Ben Lee

Cigarettes Will Kill You – Ben Lee
Filthy – Noise Addict
Back In Your Life – Noise Addict
Away With The Pixies – Ben Lee
Brinsley – Noise Addict
Red Slurpee – Ben Lee
New Song – Ben Lee
How To Survive A Broken Heart – Ben Lee
Ship My Body Home – Ben Lee
Butterfly – Ben Lee
Something Borrowed Something Blue – Ben Lee
No Room To Bleed – Ben Lee
Dead or Anything – Dando, Lee, Peterson, Schwartzman
Just Pretend – The Bens
X Fire – The Bens
I Wish I Was Him – Kathleen Hanna
My Guitar – Ben Lee

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Tuesday, 20th of July, 2004

Sir Robbo

Sydney dub and reggae special with Sir Robbo (Tooth, Frigid club nights)

Sheriff Lindo – Grossly Overweight Dub
The Igniters – Rubber Dubby
The Igniters – More Flaming Dub
The Allnighters – My Yunioshi
V Spy V Spy – One Of A Kind
Sheriff Lindo – Eastern Bloc
Herman Jasper Situation – Fatty Fatty
Meta Bass’n'Breath – Meta Medicine
Ju Ju Space Jazz – Space Dub
Atone – Dublife
Tooth – Before & After Silence
Fourplay – Meshugganah (Sir Robbo Remix)
Ollo – Lunatickle Dub

Tuesday, 13th of July, 2004

Chris Townend

Chris Townend is currently the guy behind Sydney recording space Big Jesus Burger studios. But his prior musical history is hugely diverse – from the experimental blues hard rock of Kiss My Poodles Donkey to duo project Crent (with Kent Steadmean of the Celibate Rifles) to the beautiful electronically edged Sun.

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Tuesday, 6th of July, 2004


Luke Collison became the mastro of mash-ups under the moniker Dsico – bringing together Missy Elliot and Joy Division! Before that he was one half of local electronic duo Cindii.

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Tuesday, 29th of June, 2004

Nick Carr – Non-Zero Records

Nick Carr – Non-Zero Records head honcho joins us to play the local hits and memories form his personal collection. Get ready for rockin’ tunes and the warm crunch of vinyl.

SPDFGH – Wikky’s Ode
Happy Hate Me Nots – Praise For Fortune
The Johnnys – The Day Marty Robbins Died
The Welcome Matt – Flying End
Psychotic Turnbuckles – Wild Scenes From Albuquerque
Challenger 7 – Rats In A Maze
Johnny Teen & The Broken Hearts – Hangin’ Tough
Pearls & Swine – Normal People
A Big Fat Country – Diamond Ring Dingaling
Crow – Railhead
Ian Rilen – Missin You
Tex, Don & Charlie – Sitting In A Bar
Beasts of Bourbon – Hard For You
Splatterheads – Fish Biscuit
Asteroid B-612 – Teen Sublimination Riff
Midget – Mr Baker
Orange County – Psycho Trucker
Gilgamesh – Railway Square
Peabody – Song For Val (demo)
Bluebottle Kiss – Everything Begins & Ends… (demo)
Magic Lunchbox – Stayin Alive

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Tuesday, 22nd of June, 2004

The Oxleys

The Oxleys – We’re joined by Peter (Sunnyboys, Sparklers), Melanie (Paris Green, Sparklers, duo with Chris Abrahams) and Tim (Verys, Grandview, Deerhunters)

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Tuesday, 15th of June, 2004

Simon Day

Simon Day (RatCat, The Prostitutes)

Tuesday, 8th of June, 2004


We play some of the great Sydney releases that turned 5 this year!

Disco Stu – Disco Asylum
Nitocris – All My Loving
Hard Ons – Small Talk
78 Saab – Built To Last
Sea Life Park – Nil By Mouth
Hoolahan – King Autumn
Stereogamous – Discipline
Cindii – Padlock
Alex Lloyd – Black The Sun
Sneeze – Doctor of Love
The C-Minus Project – Goofy
Explanetary – This Planet
The Johnny Rocco Band – Rocco
Abel El Toro – All My Loving
The Cruel Sea – Hard Times
Died Pretty – Stops and Starts
Clouds – Say It
Trey – Changin’ Degreez
Disjunction Reunion – Friends From The 80′s
51 Monday – Speedway
Youth Group – We Are Mean
Bluebottle Kiss – Give Up The Ghost
Golden Rough – April Wind
Tooth – Dude Ranch
2 Litre Dolby – Dead Letter Office
Nancy Vandal – All My Loving

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Tuesday, 1st of June, 2004


Brethren is the work of Wizdm and Mystery – B-boys, MCs and sci-fi freaks. They bound in to the studio to talk us through their more than 15 year musical career.

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Tuesday, 25th of May, 2004


ANT FARM RECORDS released some fine compilations in the 90s featuring a bumper crop of then up-and-coming Sydney bands such as YOUTH GROUP, THE SCRUFFS, HALF MILER and STELLA ONE ELEVEN. Co-founder LAURA BAILEY joins Dan to talk about the label’s history.

Hammerfish – Chill Me
Lustre 4 – Soda Crash
The Stinsons – Nowhere Bound
Tim Rogers – Who Turned Out The Light?
Harpoon – Graves of Saints
The Plastic Maracas – Publican’s Friend
El Mopa – The Single
God Is My Co-Pilot – North Coast Holiday
2 Litre Dolby – All Hail! King Presser
Youth Group – Weekender
Hoolahan – Hefner’s Kids
Silver Powered Brain Unit – Feel My Groove
The Del-Emmas – Gonna Git That Man
John Reed Club – Seen Your Video
Brad Shepherd – Alex Chilton

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Tuesday, 18th of May, 2004

Nick Wales (Coda)

Coda – Born, Never Asked
Coda – Stevie
Nick Wales – Tripitaka Theme
Alter Boy – Wild Five
Coda – Dunula
Alter Boy – Revolution
Coda – Smoking Camel On A Camel
Jenny Morris – The Sculpter
Pokeaman – Lycra or Not
Coda – Salut
Coda – Holy City

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Tuesday, 11th of May, 2004

Nic Dalton (Half a Cow)

Godstar – Pushpin
Plunderers – Cheerleaders
Plunderers – Sarah’s Not Falling In Love
Love Positions – Into Your Arms
Sneeze – Shaky Ground
Sneeze – Deaf Girl, Dumb Guy, Blind Love
Smudge – Eighteen In A Week
Sidewinder – Stone In My Shoe
SPDFGH – Wikky’s Ode
Godstar – Live Here Forever
Godstar – Mr Austin
Sneeze – Chamber Music Pt 2
Godstar – Out of My Mind
Deezleteens – Star Sign
The Cashews – The Age Difference
Nick Dalton – Good to Me
Sneeze – Sagrada Familia

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Tuesday, 4th of May, 2004

Sydney Songs Part 2!

Tommy Leonetti – My City Of Sydney
Tim Rogers and the Twinset -Under the Flight Path
Ben Lee – Ship My Body Home
Sarah McGregor – More to Life
Paul Kelly – Reckless
Jimmy Little – Randwick Bells
The Herd – States of Transit
Trey – Bridge to Bridge
Meta Bass ‘n’ Breath – Surry Hills
X – Oxford Street Nick
Died Pretty – Battle of Stanmore
David Benuick – North Shore Girls Get Off
Even As We Speak – Single to Central
Godstar – Theme from “Annandale 2038″
Sneeze – I Believe In Marrickville (part 1 & 2)
The Cannanes – Sydney 2000
Falling Joys – Calendar Blues
Don Meers – Train Noise
Hermitude – Otford to Wenty
The Whitlams – Sydney 2000 Olympic Theme
Golden Rough – Western Outskirts
Tactics – Centrepoint
Clouds – Cloud Factory
Prop – Statice

Tuesday, 27th of April, 2004

Sandringham Hotel

Legendary Sydney venue on King St in Newtown. Tune in for music by Frenzal Rhomb, Bernie Hayes, Love Me and interviews with Susie Schlesinger who booked the venue, writer Linda Jaivin, and Mandy Pearson, lead singer of Love Me whose tap dancing came out of the closet for the beloved Sando.

Bernie Hayes – Mission in Life
Front End Loader – Mandino Deluxe
Mr Blonde – Sunday
Disneyfist – Elvia
Atticus – Open My Mouth
Louis Tillet and Charlie Owen – I’m Down
Crow – Paper Eyes
The Dirty Three – Some Summers They Drop Like Flies
Vesuvia – Spunk Rat
The Gadfly’s – Don’t Leave Me A Fool
Linda Jaivin – Reading from Rock ‘n’ Roll Babes from Outer Space
P Harness – Belconnen Mall
Love Me – Buy Me A Drink
spdfgh – Salt To Pain
Lustre 4 – Shock So Crude
Shouties – Following My Our Tracks

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Tuesday, 20th of April, 2004

Sydney Songs!

Two hours of songs that mention our favourite city. It might be a bus route, the Manly ferry, the local pub or a particular suburb. All genres welcome.

The Zimmerman – Don’t Go To Sydney
Dave McCormack – The Inner West
John Kennedy – Miracle in Marrickville
The Whitlams – You Sound Like Louis Burdett
Paul Kelly – Randwick Bells
Midnight Oil – Wedding Cake Island
Morganics – The Block
Good Bhudda – Sydney’s Got the System
Outline – The Cicada That Ate Fivedock
Died Pretty – Whitlam Square
David Lane – Church Point Avenue
You Am I – If We Can’t Get It Together
Youth Group – Booth St
Bluebottle Kiss – Generic Teen
The Herd – Locked Down In Lugarno
The Herd – Sutherland Pickup
The Skyhooks – Somewhere in Sydney
Soap Star Joe – Ziggy Niszcot (Never Played Guitar)
Damien Lovelock – On A Blue Phone From The Green Iguana
Carla Werner – Piccolo Song
Robert Forster – I’ve Been Looking For Somebody
Sidewinder – Slideshow Freak

Tuesday, 13th of April, 2004

Bluebottle Kiss

With more than a decade of releasing quality recordings and playing captivating live shows, Bluebottle Kiss have a long and highly respectable history on the local scene. Check in to hear BbK frontman and songsmith Jamie Hutchings on the Sydney Retrospective this week, playing tracks from the early years (Double Yellow Tarred ep, Higher Up The Fire Trails album) right through to the latest LP release Come Across.

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Tuesday, 6th of April, 2004

Kevin Purdy

He’s known as Purdy and is part of Tooth, but long ago he also played with bands such as Box the Jesuit and more. He talked to Dan Buhagiar about the years leading up to his latest release, Fairytale Insurance.

Tuesday, 30th of March, 2004


Steve Lucas is the vocalist from the Sydney punk band X. He spoke to Dan Buhagiar about the punk scene from the late ’70s until now.

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Tuesday, 23rd of March, 2004


He’s an MC, beatboxer and music producer. He’s been on the Sydney hip hop scene since the mid ’80s. A founding member of Metabass’n'breath in the mid ’90s; Morgan Lewis has now gone on to run hip hop workshops in community centres, jails and schools throughout the city and the country with the Wilcannia Mobb being one of the most recognised.

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Tuesday, 16th of March, 2004


Chick hop. Heidi Pascal from Creative Vibes and the Mothertongues label.

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Tuesday, 9th of March, 2004

Tony Dupé

Tony Dupé – Glovebox, Founder and Heavy record label

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Tuesday, 2nd of March, 2004


DumpHuck label with Tom Phillipson

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Tuesday, 24th of February, 2004

John Kennedy

John Kennedy

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Tuesday, 17th of February, 2004

Chris Abrahams

Chris Abrahams (The Necks)

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Tuesday, 10th of February, 2004

Club Kooky

Club Kooky with Johnny and Gemma

Tuesday, 3rd of February, 2004

The Clouds

Jodi Phillis from The Clouds

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