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Womaidelaide highlights – Friday night

Quick post on Womad so far. Easily the highlight was Omar Souleyman. The crowd was a bit slow to get going, while there were clearly qutie a few fans there (who like me would be familiar with him through his releases on the Sublime Frequencies label), there were also plenty who didn’t really seem to know what to expect – i.e. full-on, over the top dance music. After a while everyone got the idea, those not up for dancing moved back and all the enthusiatic people were left at the front and there was a fantastic atmosphere … really fun music. I’ll have to keep this short since I’ll have to go to see him do a workshop shortly.

Runner up for me was Dereb the Ambassador – quality Ethiopian Jazz (in the style of lots of stuff on the Ethiopiques compilations). The band are from Sydney, but lead by Dereb from Ethiopia. Really great stuff but why the hell were people sitting down?

Also can recommend  Natalie Natiembé and Wildbirds & Peacedrums.

Support Format

In recent weeks a typical Adelaide question is “been to any Fringe stuff?” and my typical answer has been “no, spending all my time at Format”. The Format Festival this year was excellent, so I’d like to say thanks to all of the Format Collective people for all the hard work they put into it, and to encourage people to join me in donating to help them going for the rest of year as the venue is still there outside of festival time and puts on all sort of events (some of the best gigs in town, art exhibitions, zine store, egg eating …)

My highlights of the festival:
– opening night, absolutely amazing sets by Terrible Truths and Fair Maiden in particular. These bands need to put out albums. And play more gigs.
– An Evening For Home For the Def – I got interviewed in front of an audience by Nigel Koop. How the hell did that happen? And even more strangely I played a live music set that was not a disaster. Some people even liked it. Meanwhile upstairs my soon-to-be housemate built a snow globe so big you could walk into it. I’m still terribly confused by the whole evening, but in a good way.
– Nobody turned up to see Alps, Fkn Tutts, Sarah Chadwick and Bare Grillz because it was raining. I don’t care because I was there and they were all awesome, and the Alps LP I bought (Alps of New South Wails) is great.
– Sunday picnic – nice relaxed arvo gig with Aluka and Soursop.
– Format Festival of Song part 3 with Ainslie Wills and Cheer Advisory Council, wonderful evening of guitar pop.
– Hipster Gateaux: yet another great gig, Melbourne’s Super Wild Horses and new locals Deep Feelings were both great.
– Closing Party … I didn’t want it to end and I don’t think anyone else did either judging by the fact that it was will into the early hours of Sunday morning and people were sticking around even though the bar had closed some time earlier. Yet another top lineup, locals Like Leaves have played some great sets lately (in fact it was the second time that week I’d seen them), but it was a nice change to see them in such an intimate venue. The highlight of the night however was Collarbones. I really love all of the garage rock type stuff that we get from most interstate touring bands lately, but it was a nice change to have something completely different in the form of the glitch pop of Collarbones, who I knew previously from a show in Sydney last year. Lots of fun.
– And then there was the handball. For two weeks it became normal to be playing handball in Peel St at 1 in the morning, a game I haven’t played regularly in about 20 years. It was great getting the touring bands into it (e.g. the guys from Bare Grillz took to it enthusiastically), as well as many bemused passers-by. By the final night the standard was very high, we even had an official adjudicator (the security guy, who only learnt the rules at the opening night party), in the end the official competition didn’t take place but I reckon Hugh Langlands-Bell was clearly the unofficial winner.

There’s more stuff coming up at format including gigs by Siltbreeze label band Eat Skull and a launch by Rites Wild both in April, so join me in supporting them through Pozible (link below) to help them keep going.

Archers of Loaf!

Back together in Chapel Hill last night!

Seeing the Archers for 3 nights in a row in Sydney in October ’96 still stands out as a big highlight in my many years of going to gigs.

Favourite Music of 2010

When I do one of these it’s always stuff new to me in the past year, not necessarily new releases. I considered writing something about all of them but that tends to turn into mini-reviews I’m no music critic and you’ll be able to find better stuff written about them elsewhere pretty easily, on the other hand I don’t want to just present a long list without any comments, so I’ll start with some general comments about what I’ve liked this year and then present the list of my favourites.

One thing that features heavily for me this year is box sets. Perhaps it was the favourable exchange rate making them more affordable. Some of these were label-based, such as the huge Ninja Tune XX box set with cds, records and a book. It’ll take me a while yet to get through all of that one thoroughly but there’s already lots of highlights. Another label based one was the excellent M-Squared set, featuring everything released by the early 80’s Sydney post-punk label. Also in post punk, I finally got the This Heat box set (this one definitely because it became more affordable), what an amazing band! Another good artist-based box set was the 10 disc Triffids set with loads of rareties and live recordings.

As well as a couple of the box sets mentioned above, I continued to find more great post-punk I hadn’t previously heard, in particular reissues of Josef K and Mark Stewart + the Maffia, and from Australia, Tactics.

On the topic of post punk, there were finally some official live releases from my favourite band of all time, the Laughing Clowns. Two are from the recent reunion gigs but best of all is one from 1982 which is amazing. These all came care of the Prince Melon Bootleg series which has now released about 20 volumes of Ed Kuepper live recordings, all essential for EK fans.

I finally got hold of Incredible String Band’s psych-folk classic The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter which I’d been meaning to find for ages. They are clearly a big influence on Trembling Bells, their second album Abandoned Love was one of the big highlights of the year. Also Joanna Newsom released a massive 3 disc album, I was fortunate enough to hear much of it live before it was released and knew to expect something special.

There continue to be lots of comebacks and some produced some great records. Of course a big one was the return of The Swans (shame I can’t see them live next year). On the local front the new albums from Crow and Paradise Motel are both fantastic.

The other big Australian highlight for me was Otouto, their album PIP is a real grower.

From overseas the standout new rock album was Magic Lantern’s Platoon, packed full of awesome Psych-rock jams. Old favourites SIlver Mt Zion came up with another great album as well.

Lots of interesting new electronica, Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma is stunningly original and probably manages to edge out the two new releases from Autechre for my favourite electronica. I’ve also really enjoyed the latest from Caribou, while Peverelist was keeping up my interest in dubstep. On the hauntological side, finally got Moon Wiring Club’s first album (and everything else he’s done is now on the way in the mail), and love the Ghost Box Study Series of 7″s featuring a who’s who of Hauntology (Focus Group, Belbury Poly, Advisory Circle, Broadcast, Mordant Music). Have lots more of that stuff to listen to over the holiday period so those names will probably turn up more in next year’s list.

One more special mention is for Jandek. After seeing him play live (did that really happen? Did Jandek really come to Adelaide or did I imagine it?) I’ve listened to lots of his stuff this year, I’ve listed a couple of favourites but there’s not much to separate any of them.

  • Autechre – Oversteps/Move of Ten
  • Bernard Fevre – Black Devil Disco Club
  • Caribou – Swim
  • Chicks on Speed – Cutting the Edge
  • Crow – Arcane
  • Current 93 – Judas as Black Moth
  • Death – …. for the World to See
  • DJ Food – Blech 20
  • Fabulous Diamonds – II
  • The Fall – Your Future Our Clutter
  • Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma
  • GB3 – Damaged/Controlled
  • Gescom – A1-D1
  • Gonjasufi – A Sufi and a Killer
  • Hot Chip – One Life Stand
  • Incredible String Band – The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter
  • Jandek – Lost Cause / Interstellar Discussion
  • Joanna Newsom – Have One on Me
  • Joe Morris – Today on Earth
  • Josef K – Entomology
  • Kid Sam – s/t
  • Kraftwerk – the Catalogue
  • Laughing Clowns – Live at Goma / Laughing Clowns Live / Don’t Ask Stupid Questions to An Artist, Cop
  • Lou Reed Metal Machine Trio – Creation of the Universe
  • Magic Lantern – Platoon
  • Mark Stewart + the Maffia – Learning to Cope With Cowardice
  • Moon Wiring Club – An Audience of Art Deco Eyes
  • Moritz von Oswald trio – Vertical Ascent
  • Ninetynine – Bande Magnetique
  • Omar Souleyman – Jazeera Nights
  • Oneohtrix Point Never – Rifts
  • Otouto – PIP
  • The Paradise Motel – Australian Ghost Story
  • Peverelist – Jarvik Mindstate
  • Pram – The Moving Frontier
  • So Percussion and Matmos – Treasure State
  • Swans – My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope to the Sky
  • Tactics – The Sound of the Sound Vol 1
  • Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra – Kollaps Tradixionales
  • This Heat – Out of Cold Storage
  • Trembling Bells – Abandoned Love
  • Triffids – Come Ride With Me
  • Various – Artificial Intelligence / Artificial Intelligence II
  • Various – Dancehall: The Rise of Jamaican Dancehall Culture
  • Various – 5 Years of Hyperdub
  • Various – Ghost Box Study Series 1-4
  • Various – Matador at 21
  • Various – Ninja Tune XX
  • Various – Terrace Industry: M Squared Box Set
  • The XX – s/t

Plus a couple of extras:
Not on the list because for some reason I didn’t listen to them enough but I suspect they probably would be if I’d got around to listening to them more – Burning Star Core’s Papercuts Theatre, Philip Jeck’s An Ark for the Listener, various David S. Ware albums and Bibio’s Ambivalence Avenue.

Album I got a while ago and forgot about and found again – Bad Statistics Lucky Town Gone – Incredible, wild, freeform noise rock from NZ (and in no way a rip-off of the Dead C as that might sound).

DJ Setlist – 28/11/10 (Happy 21st Birthday Matador Records)

Matador Records set at the Metro … loads of great stuff I didn’t get to play, could have played for much longer (and sorry to The Don for not fitting in his request for Hot Freaks)

Mogwai – Punk Rock
HP Zinker – Dancing Days
Silkworm – Couldn’t You Wait (Acoustic Version)
Sleater-Kinney – Good Things
Spoon – Don’t Buy the Realistic
Superchunk – Cast Iron
Chavez – Unreal Is Here
The Fall – Ladybird (Green Grass)
Pavement – Summer Babe (Winter Version)
Guided By Voices – A Salty Salute
Yo La Tengo – Sudden Organ
JPS Experience – Into You
Bailter Space – Splat
Teenage Fanclub – Everything Flows
Belle & Sebastian – Photo Jenny
Guided By Voices – Game of Pricks (7″ Version)
Pavement – Shoot the Singer (1 Sick Verse)
Yo La Tengo – Tom Coutenay
Modest Mouse – Doin’ the Cockroach
Helium – Vibrations
Tobin Sprout – Carnival Boy
Robert Pollard – Release the Sunbird
Cat Power – Nude as the News
Superchunk – The Question is How Fast
Sleater-Kinney – Get Up
Pretty Girls Make Graves – Speakers Push the Air
The New Pornographers – From Blown Speakers
Modest Mouse – Heart Cooks Brain
Mission of Burma – Trem Two
Pavement – Grounded
Cat Power – Maybe Not
Yo La Tengo – Autmun Sweater (Kevin Shields Remix)
Boards of Canado – ROYGBIV
Boards of Canada – An Eagle in Your Mind (Push Button Objects remix)
Matmos – Polychords
Plone – Top & Low Rent
LFO & Aphex Twin – Simon From Sydney / SAW2 cd1 trk 7 (Pram Remix)
Red Snapper – Sleepless
Mr Len feat. Jean Grae – The Hurt (Early Years version)
Arsonists – Blaze
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Talk About the Blues
Cat Power – Love & Communication
Guided By Voices – Everyone Thinks I’m a Raincloud (When I’m Not Looking)
The New Pornographers – The Bleeding Heart Show
Sleater-Kinney – You’re No Rock’n’Roll Fun
Love of Diagrams – The Pyramid
Sonic Youth – Poison Arrow
Yo La Tengo – Moby Octopad
Mogwai – 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
Cat Power – Metal Heart
Belle & Sebastian – Seeing Other People
The New Pornographers – Use It
Stephen Malmus & the Jicks – Cold Son
Yo La Tengo – Here To Fall
Guided By Voices – Don’t Stop Now

and here’s the top 10 things I wish I’d fitted in somewhere but didn’t:
Yo La Tengo – Our Way to Fall
Pavement live at the Matador 10th Birthday – Here or The Hexx or Zurich is Stained
More Belle & Sebastian – something from The Boy with the Arab Strap
A heavy bit with Dead Meadow & Bardo Pond
A lo-fi bit with Times New Viking, GBV (from Bee Thousand &/or Vampire on Titus), early Smog (Matador released Julius Ceasar in Europe), Condo Fucks & more Bob Pollard solo stuff.
Esben & the Witch
More Mogwai (Hunted By a Freak, or BBC sessions version of Heroes of BMX or one of the Helicons)
Something from Pretty Girls Makes Graves – The New Romance.
More Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
Superchunk – Throwing Things

DJ Setlist 19/9/10

Setlist from yesterday at the metro, for Ninja Tune XX.

Double Dee & Steinski – The Payoff Mix
Eric B & Rakim – Paid in Full (Coldcut 7 Minutes of Madness Remix)
Wolfpanther’s Solid Steel Intro
Diplo – Big Lost
London Funk Allstars – Junkies Bad Trip
Roots Manuva – Witness (1 Hope)
Ty – Don’t Watch That (Knickers, Y-Fronts and Jockstraps)
DJ Food – Dark Lady
9 Lazy 9 – Black Jesus
Herbaliser feat. Latyrx – 8 Point Agenda (Accapella)
Cinematic Orchestra – Channel 1 Suite
Mr Scruff – Fish
Antipop Consortium – NY to Tokyo
Luke Vibert – Get Your Head Down
Herbaliser – Real Killer Part 2 “Rooftop Prowler”
DJ Food – Spiral
Kid Koala – Tricks ‘n’ Treats
DJ Vadim feat. Motion Man – The Terrorist
New Flesh – Zero Gravity
East Flatbush Project – Tried By 12
Mr Scruff – Ug
DJ Vadim feat. Sarah Jones – Your Revolution (Version)
Saul Williams – Twice the First Time
Coldcut – More Beats and Pieces
Coldcut & Hexstatic – Timber
Zerodb – Te Quiero
Pest – Pat Pong (Solid Groove Remix)
Amon Tobin – The Killer’s Vanilla
Amon Tobin – Four Ton Mantis
Amon Tobin – Proper Hoodidge
Amon Tobin – Yasawas
Amon Tobin – Nightlife
Amon Tobin – Slowly
Funki Porcini – B Monkey
Amon Tobin – Big Furry Head
Funki Porcini – Dubble
The Bug feat. Flowdan – Skeng
Wiley – Johnny Was a Bad Boy
Neptune – Soul Pride
Ghislain Poirier – Blazin’ feat. Face-T (Modeselektor Remix)
Daedelus – Fairweather Friends
The Pointer Sisters – Pinball Number Count (DJ Food Re-edit)
The Heavy – Coleen
Quincy – Bruce Lee MC
Hexstatic – Bass Invader
Herbaliser feat. Seaming To – Something Wicked
Cinematic Orchestra feat. Fontella Bass – All That You Give
Clouddead – Apt A
Clouddead – Jimmy Breeze
Clouddead – I Promise to Never Get Paint On My Glasses Again
Clouddead – Bike
Fog – Pneumonia
Neotropic – Vacetious Blooms
DJ Food – Nocturne
Jaga Jazzist – Kitty Wu
Funki Porcini – Big Sea
Flanger – Studio Tan
Skalpel – Together
Sixtoo feat. Damo Suzuki – Storm Clouds & Silver Linings
Diplodocus – Epistemology Suite
Themselves – This About the City Too
Hexstatic – Ninja Tune
Herbaliser – Intermission
Quannum MCs – Blue Flames
TTC – Dans le Club
Roots Manuva – Mind 2 Motion
Infesticons – Hero Theme
Kid Koala – Emperors Main Course
Kid Koala – Temple of Gloom
Daedelus – Our Last Stand

Ninja Tune Videos

The Ninja Tune 20th birthday is only a couple of days away, and on Sunday afternoon I’ll be doing a big Ninja Tune DJ set at the Metro. Here are some of my favourite Ninja Tune Videos.