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Wednesday, 11th of October, 2006

xkcd (2:41 pm)

xkcd is, hands down, the best webcomic in existence.
Today's comic is proof.
(Oh, and remember to hover your mouse over the comic to read the "title" text, or otherwise right-click and look at the properties. There's always an extra joke in there…)
(What's that? You don't have a right mouse button? Sucked in, Mac user! I'm sure there's some unweildy keyboard alternative… Funny how Macs are so keyboard-unfriendly in most other ways.)

11 Responses to “xkcd”

  1. Mark says:

    Yep, it's a great web comic. He had one a little while ago that shed some light on problems we have with coding conventions here at work.

    Oh, and I can't let that completely unwarranted Apple-bashing go unchecked. I quite happily use a three button Logitech mouse (with a scroll button!) with my Mac. Works fine. Apple even released their own Mighty Mouse with more buttons and scrolly bits than you can wave some cheese at!

    *sigh* I think I'm turning into a fanboy. Their DRM in iTunes still sucks though!

  2. Peter says:

    "His books were kinda intimidating; rappelling down through his skylight seemed like the best option."

    I'm well aware that you can use a three-button mouse with a Mac. But if you take out your MacBook on the aeroplane, or in your back yard, you'll only have a single button above your trackpad. This is probably (quite seriously) the major sticking point for me – that and the general layout of the keyboard. That's why while I'd love to dual-boot with OS X on my Inspiron 9300 – and hopefully will one day – I don't see myself ever doing it in the other direction.

    Indeed, although I have two different downloaded Linux distros sitting on my desk (the latest Ubuntu and Fedora Core 5), I'd be much more keen to find a copy of a recent OS X for Intel chipset and try installing that on a partition of my hard drive!

  3. Peter says:

    Your Apply fanboyisme isn't going to convince me though – sorry ;)

  4. Mark says:

    Your excuses are running out! I've used something similar called iScroll2 on my powerbook for a while now.

  5. Peter says:

    Tapping the trackpad with two fingers is remarkably awkward compared to, oh I dunno… having a right mouse button???

    How about this little feature of Windows OS that Macs don't have: I'm in a program and I need a keyboard shortcut for something that doesn't have an inbuilt one, but the command is (of course) in one of the menus. So I learn to go "ALT-c-s", say, to open up the S&crotum menu and run the &Silly command from that menu.

    Scrolling, well my Dell laptop has scroll positions built in to the right-hand and bottom edges of its trackpad. I'm not as bothered by that. I am more bothered, as I said, by the general layout of the keyboards, something shared by most PC laptops – why they can't all be like the Dells and some HPs and have a properly laid-out set of Ins/Del//Home/End//PgUp/PgDn keys I don't know.

    In the end I can be completely honest that it mostly comes down to aesthetics, and Apples just don't do it for me. As I said, as a secondary operating system on a computer that I really feel at home on, it'd be just dandy. I'd even consider running iTunes on OS X (something I'd never dream of doing in Windows) – although I'd never buy an iPod ;) Or buy from the iTMS…

  6. Mark says:

    If it comes down to aesthetics then I think this will be fairly pointless continuation of the discussion, but still fun! I guess all I can hope to do now is inform…

    You can get to menus via the keyboard on a Mac and, I think, it's a lot more intuitive than the PC I use at work everyday. Just hit Ctrl-F2 then start typing the name of the menu you want (usually the first letter is enough), hit return (or press the down arrow) then type the first few characters of the menu item you want. Easy.

    When I first got a Mac I was very frustrated by what appeared to be very little consideration for keyboard only control. I hate using the mouse in general and found it frustrating that I thought I had to. Sure enough though, after a bit of exploring (and *especially* after downloading Quicksilver), I can do more sans-mouse than I ever could before on a PC.

    Can't say I've really noticed any difference between the keyboards I use apart from the obvious Cmd = Alt and Windows = Opt switcheroo.

  7. Peter says:

    Hm, via Quicksilver I found Launchy, which is quite cute!
    Quicksilver looks good, and certainly the Ctrl-F2 thing sounds good. As soon as someone finds me a decent way to run OSX on my PC, I'll do so ;)

    Keyboard-wise, as mentioned, it's just certain bits about the layout, which change between different Windows keyboards too. I like have Ctrl on the far left at the bottom, rather than "Fn"; I like having the navigation keys arranged on the laptop as you'd normally find them:
    Insert | Home | Page Up
    Delete | End | Page Dn
    which so many laptops just can't get right!
    And a few other bits & bobs. You can get used to other things, but I find the Dell layout comfy and intuitive (from day 1) and would like to stick with it I guess.

    Other than that, I still have lots of programs that I rely on having a PC for, so even if I were to make the switch to Mac, it would be via dual-booting for a good while at least…

  8. gabrielle says:

    hey cool comic yay. was good to hear you dj, i must admit i had missed your tunage. hope you are well and enjoying loife :)

  9. gabrielle says:

    btw. i am not pretending that i get the math references.

    at all.

    it would be nice if i did.


  10. matt says:


    i cope with my mac's idiosyncracies, it's better in so many other ways, but it gets annoying shifting from pc or unix in the day to mac in the evening.

  11. Shawn says:

    The comic is great! By the way iMarc, you are an iFanBoy(TM).

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