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Tuesday, 30th of July, 2002

Well now, since I'm doing (6:14 pm)

Well now, since I'm doing blog entries, and since I'm not at home with my CD/vinyl and book collection, I thought I'd do another blog entry rather than keep updating the template. Of course, as well as putting up new "recent listening" and "recent reading" lists, I want to actually change the look of this ol' blog and "RE-LAUNCH" it on an unsuspecting public. Ya know?

So what can I write? Fucked if I know… I'm currently working on a remix of Trust, which is hopefully going to be FourPlay's new single – we're having discussions about what version of the recording to release and stuff at the moment. The remix is called the "one wrong 2step remix", a pun on the first line of the lyric: "One wrong step/ is all I take/ to this mistake…"
A FourPlay release, after all, can never have enough bad puns.

My nose is playing up again – every time I answer the phone at work the person says "Aw, have you got cold?" Yes, alright already! Or hayfever or whatever. Maybe my allergies are back and I have to stop eating wheat & stuff again :( Or maybe it's just the weather (I hope so!) Grrrr.

More soon. Promise!

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