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Monday, 12th of November, 2001

Here's a very good article (10:55 am)

Here's a very good article from Hugh Mackay, showing what a bunch of morons the Australian public is, and what a bunch of assholes our re-elected government is. What a fucking shame.

Mind you, I'm extremely pleased at the large Green vote this year, and was most impressed with Bob Brown's speech on ABC on election night. All in all, it's not like Labor deserved to win either, and really the Greens, apart from having fantastic policies on almost all fronts, were the only left-wing alternative. Labor have become so conservative it's depressing.
What's most depressing, though, is that Little Johnny Fuckwit, Ruddock and the rest have confirmed their constricted little policies, lack of vision and general feeling that they've got a mandate to fuck up the country even more. Ah well…

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