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Tuesday, 30th of October, 2001

Jack T Chick was one (12:21 am)

Jack T Chick was one of the most bigoted Christians ever, and sadly made it his life's purpose to convert others to his particular form of that religion.
His "Chick Tracts" are famous the world over, and now it seems you can read them on the web! Go here for a complete list of English-language tracts.

For an introduction, we have the convert-a-Jew one, "Where's Rabbi Waxman?", and the heaven-is-for-God's-people-not-good-people one, "Flight 144"
The latter is particularly revolting: However good you are in your life, if you're not a believer of just the right type, you go to hell! Observe:
(quite an amusing image really…)

If that doesn't make you an immediate atheist, well… oh well! I'm secure in my beliefs…

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