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Friday, 10th of November, 2000

I'm not going to mention (5:12 pm)

I'm not going to mention the American elections.

I'm not, you know.

I mean, I find it extraordinary that anyone could vote for George "Double-Yer" Bush… But then this is America we're talking about isn't it!
It's incredibly depressing that basically it looks like Ralph Nader, in his bid to establish his Green Party, has sabotaged the entire election. There's no doubt Gore would've won (he's considerably ahead in the popular vote anyway) in Florida, and thus the whole of the USA, without Nader there. Nader's rhetoric about "A vote for Gore is a vote for Bush" is such bullshit. Watered-down centre-left Gore may be, but he's a fuckload better than the highly conservative and just bloody stupid Bush.
What's so sad is that most of Nader's policies are fantastic, and if he could get enough profile/success to make a real difference, it'd be excellent. As it is, he got something like 3% of the national vote and if Bush gets in, America goes back to the Reagan years. Wa-hoo. Goodbye left-wing politics, environment, human rights…

*sigh* Ah well. As an indication of the times, I've created a logo for Frogworth Corp, whose CEO is my alter-ego J Peteypie Frogworth. Frogworth is the ultimate multi-national everything-corporation, set to take over the world. Or they would if they existed outside of my imagination, but as it is, this webpage will have to do. Check the bottom of the page to experience the beginning of a new era in… something. Perhaps.
Coming soon: the Frogworth page, downloadable banner ads, logos galore… to be followed by stickers, fully-poseable action figures, movie soundtrack tie-ins, breakfast cereals, a chain of burger restaurants ("Try Our New Frogworth Cuisses de grenouilles"), and of course the Frogworth Party. Not to mention Frogworth Radio – tune in now!
"Frogworth. A real alternative."

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